Save Money After the Baby Comes

The expenses come with having a baby. There are many things you will need to make your baby comfortable. Mostly though, your baby needs love, nurturing, and caring. Babies need no designers clothing, or equipments. As long as you provide food, clothing, and warm home, the babies will be happy

Step One

To save the most money, breastfeed your baby! It’s convenient, provides tons of health benefits, and strengthen the bonding time. If you want your partner to be involved in this process of feeding, you can pump breast milk for him to feed the baby.

Step Two

Use cloth diapers. Nowadays, cloth diapers come with Velcro and it’s easier to use. Yes, washing poopy diapers is a terrible thing, but it will save you loads of money, and also help the environment.

If you also use these cloth diapers for the next baby, your saving is double and more.

Step Three

Shop smartly at garage sale, second-hand shops, and Thrift store can add up the saving. You can find really good bargains from these stores and garage sale.

Another place you can check out is mom-to-mom sale that becoming very popular these last few years.

Step Four

Tap in to your family, friends, and neighbors for equipments that you need for the baby. Crib, car seat, swing, walker, high chair, and stroller are expensive. If your friends, family, and neighbors have them, offer them a little money, or borrow them for your baby.


  • Shop early or at the end of the day for slashing sale from garage, and mom-to-mom events.
  • Check clothes for stain, wear and tear marks
  • Washing all your purchases before use
  • Make sure the used car seat has never been in an accident, or a recalled model

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