How to Keep Toys Organized

If you have children, you have toys. Toys are everywhere, and for each stage of your children’s life. It is unavoidable!

If you are overwhelmed looking at them, stepping on them, or having to find them for your children; then chances are, your children are also frustrated too! Here are some ideas to keep those toys organized.

Step One

First, decide on a place to keep the toys. Having an designated spot help everyone in the family know where to keep them, or look for them.

The toy chest should be kept in your child’s room for special and personal favorites.

Step Two

Second, organize the toys into categories, or age appropriate! Gather them and place them in their designated areas.

Step three

Third, make a rule: if they want to take out one toy, they have to put back one toy, and enforce the rule every time!

If this rule is followed, everyone will be happier! You, as parents do not have to tear your hair out, and the children will know exactly where to look for their toys.

Step Four

  • Designate a place for toys
  • Put toys in categories, and age appropriate
  • Enforce on a new habit
  • Toy chest, optional, or plastic containers


  • Use this method to keep your children books organized
  • If your designated area is overflow with toys, it is time to consider giving some away.
  • Give your children this area to clean as a chore to do. It will teaches them to have some responsibilities.
  • Once in a while check for broken toys to avoid small pieces that toddlers like to put in their mouth.

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