How to Save Money at the Dollar Stores

With gasoline on the rise, we need to find more ways to save our hard earned money. Shopping at the Dollar Stores can do just that, save you a bundle on household, school, party, greeting cards supplies.

Step One

Household supplies such as cleaning products are much cheaper at the Dollar Stores than anywhere else. These cleaning products give the same result as brand names ones!

Step Two

Toiletries items such as shampoo, conditioner, shaving creams, and soap are all good to stock up. You can find brand names such as Beck, Dial, or Herbal Essence hair products at the Dollar Stores at fifty cents less than Wal-Mart.

Step Three

I like to purchase my party supplies at the Dollar Stores. Paper cups, paper plates, table cover, invitation cards, birthday hats, and party favors are very affordable. They might not have your kids’ favorite Disney Characters, but imagine a hefty savings with different designs.

Step Four

Another area in the Dollar Stores to check out is the Greeting Cards section. They have Birthday, Communion, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.. at a dollar for two!

Everyone likes to receive greeting card, but how many of them going to keep them? Why waste money paying three or four dollars for them?

Step Five

Kitchen supplies such as tools, plastic containers, towels, sponges, wash cloths, and scrubs are items that I often stock up.


  • Stock up on the items that you like
  • Find out when the shipment comes in
  • Compare prices at different stores
  • Pay attention to where your favorite items are at
  • Not all Dollar Stores have the same price for the same item
  • Toys are often fall apart before you get home

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A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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