How to Survive a Sleep Over

Summer is here, and children are out of school. This is time to do fun things, and chances are your children will want to have at least one sleep over, through the course of summer

Step One

Be organized. Set the day, and time for children to arrive. Also, have a list ready to tell the parents what to bring, such as tooth brush, an extra pair of clothing, comb/brush, favorite toy, sleeping bag, and pillow.

Most importantly, medications for children with asthma, or food allergy!

Step Two

Once the children gathered, go over the house rules immediately. Things like: do not jump off the stair way, or run out on the road to assure the children’s safety.

Make sure the children understand the rules. If he/she stares at your face with a blank look, or testing, ask him/her to repeat the rules.

Step Three

You know best of how many children you want to have in your house. I opt for even number of children since odd number often leaves one child feel left out.

Step Four

Have some activities ready. Board games, making cookies, art projects, or help making dinner are something fun to do.

Step Five

Establish a bed time to save your sanity. Have them settle down 15 minutes before to give them time to shake off their silliness.

Step Six

Have a plan for the-night-after breakfast. Egg, bacon, sausage, cereals, waffles, or breakfast bars ready for those picky eaters.

Now, send them home, sit back and relax. You’ve just survived a sleep over from those rambunctious kids, and still breathing!!!


  • Borrow movies from the libraries for free to use as back-up
  • Have a camp fire to sit and tell story
  • Set up a tent in your yard for play time
  • Keep your eyes out for those mischief behaviors
  • You are responsible for the children you’ve invited into your home
  • Remind them of the house rules if they do things that might hurt themselves or others.
  • To be organized
  • Set house rules
  • Limit on the number of children
  • Have activities ready
  • Establish bed time

About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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