Be Kinder to the Earth

There is a special day marked specifically for Earth Day, but it should be every day in my opinion, and we should pledge ourselves to be friendlier to it.

It doesn’t take much to do our part in keeping the earth greener. Sometimes, we just need ideas and a reminder.

Energy Reminder

* Change your light bulbs to the more energy-efficient.
* Install slow shower head.
* Turn off water while brushing your teeth or washing dishes.
* Water your garden either early in the morning, or evening.
* Unplug electrical outlets if it is not in use.

Recycling Reminder

* Make sure you have a container for pop bottles, one for glass, and one for plastic.
* Reuse your grocery bags for different purposes.
* Recycle your newspaper, magazine, and fliers.
* Give your gently used clothes to various non-profit organizations in the area.
* Invest in rechargeable batteries for your personal gadgets.
* Avoid Styrofoam products.

Others Reminder

* If possible, carpool, or drive less often.
* Plan out your trip carefully when you run errands.
* Turn off your car engine if not in used. This will cut down on pollution, save money on gasoline, and is better for the earth.
* Use vinegar, baking soda, bleach, or other natural products when cleaning your house.


  • Just do what you can, little things add up quickly.
  • Keep the earth in mind when you remodel your house.
  • Buy recycling or organic products.
  • Remind family members and neighbor to recycle.
  • If we don’t do what we can, what will be left for our children?

About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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