Away With Exercise

Exercise is something I can’t do much due to my mobility limitation. However, my shoulders have been in pain as if someone is shearing them apart. So I decided to go to the library and looked for easy exercise CDs that I could do.

I found a CD, and tried out the 10 Minutes Solution Series for the arms selection. I only did 10 minutes of warm up, stretching, push-up, and light weight lifting (2 pounds weight for me). After that, I was in much more pain than before! Everything hurts! The next three days hurt, and my arms felt very weak.

I figure I will allow my arms to settle, and then work out a routine or schedule afterward. We all know that there are many health benefits to exercise than short term pain, but if you need convincing, take a look below on why we should exercise:

  • Pump fresh air into your body
  • Get rid of toxins
  • Healthier joints, bones, and muscles
  • Better metabolism
  • Heart, lungs, and immune system are strengthened
  • Have more energy
  • Reduce the risk of stress, stroke, cholesterol and heart disease
  •  Prevent osteoporosis, and arthritis
  • Help controlling diabetes
  • Improve endurance and memory
  • Better sleep

With all of these benefits, I must wait for the pain to subside, and slowly work myself in a ritual every day. So, away with exercise I will do!

About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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