Keep Your Baby Happy in the Car

We all have to transport our children from places to places every day, and to keep them happy, we need to plan ahead.

If we have everything we need in the car, both ours and theirs experience will be more pleasant, and everybody will be happier to jump into the car for the trip.

Step One

Keep a supply of baby wipes in the car at all times!

The baby wipes will come in handy for cleaning up all the messes, and spills. You can use it to wipe sticky fingers, dirty feet, or clean up the car seat.

Step Two

Prepare an essential bag to keep in the car!

In this bag, keep an extra pair of clothes, shoes, diapers (for small baby), hat, socks, mitten, and your child favorite things.

Keep this bag in your car, under the seat or in the trunk. This will serve in those accident or emergency time.

Step Three

Pack some healthy snacks such as whole wheat crackers, gold fishes, pretzels, fruit pieces, and Cheerios to keep your children’s growling stomachs at bay.

Water and juice boxes are also a must to pack!

Step Four

Entertain them with games such as “I spy” or “Simon said”. These will keep your children busy looking around or doing what Simon said.

Pack some easy games for long trips


  • Take a long some toys
  • If your child is still using the car seat, make sure you read the manual for the car and car seat to install it properly.
  • You can also stop at AAA office or Fire station to have it inspect for correct installation.
  • It is better to be safe than sorry

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