Keep Your Car on a Budget

Owning a car can be expensive and troublesome at times. However, cars are like our legs. They take us to where we want to go, and many of us cannot live without having a car. You will find some tips in this article to keep the cost of owning a car down, especially nowadays!

Step One

Insurance is most expensive thing in keeping a car. Make sure to call different insurance companies to compare premium every six months.

Step Two

If you have trouble with your car, the first thing to do is let “your fingers do the walking”, so to speak! Call around for prices, and ask if they have price match. Many businesses offer this option. However, if you don’t ask, they won’t tell you.

Step Three

Look for coupons in your local newspaper or flyers. If you need an oil change, for example, it is a good idea to clip that coupon to save some money. Also, check for coupons online. If you can do it yourself, then a couple of hours labor can save you from $20 to $30 dollars easily.

Step Four

Do the car wash yourself! It is fun for your family to be involved, keep your body in action, and save money at the same time.

Step Five

Check your tires often to get the best of gasoline usage. Not only flat tires are dangerous to drive, they also wear out faster.

Step Six

Keep the gas tank filled to avoid air bubbles, and before going to the gas station, make sure you check out the prices at


  • Fill up your gas early in the morning, or later in evening to avoid evaporation
  • Count to 10 before removing the nostril from your car to get to the last drop
  • Make sure you buy to the correct gas type for your car
  • Keep record of all repairs in case a mechanic says that you need one.
  • Always ask for second opinion before committing to a costly repair

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