Keep Your Friendship Alive

Everyone is so busy nowadays, and it is harder for friends to keep in touch. I know, because my friend lives about five blocks from me, and we have not able to get together for over six months.

She is busy with her five kids, and I am with mine. Our schedules seem to be on the opposite of each other! So, I have to come up with some ideas to keep in touch with her.

Step One

Put the telephone to good use.

Call your friend at least once every three days just to keep in touch. The conversation does not have to be lengthy, but that couple minutes can be beneficial to both you and your friend.

Step Two

Lend an ear to your friend’s trouble or complaint.

Sometimes talk it out can help your friend feels better, and not too bottled up. The hard part is to practice listening, without advice or judgement!

Step Three

Respect your friend’s feelings.

You do not have to agree with your friend, but you do have to give her/him the rights to her own feelings.

Step Four

Send her an email to keep in touch if you have not been able to call.

Sometimes, sending a funny E-Card can cheer your friend up or bring a smile to his/her face also.

Step Five

I prefer to send regular birthday card over ecard. It seems that holding the real greeting card mean more to a lot of people.

If you can’t get to the store, an E-Card is more than appropriate!

Step Six

Do a random kindness such as bringing flowers to your friend, drop by her house with a cup of coffee, or just take her to a movie.

Step Seven

Keep your relationship alive because friends are one of the best health benefits around. You can share a lot more with your friends by simply stay in touch.

Although my friend and I have not been able to get together, we have our “check-in” time at least every other day.


  • There are many free websites that offer animated E-Card. Go for the most funny one to cheer your friend up.
  • Keeping in touch with your friend is vital to your relationship

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A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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