How to Keep Active Indoor During the Winter Months

For many of us, we are in a midst of colder weather, and it is time to think about keeping our bodies active during these cold months. When we are active, we are less prone to sickness

Step One

Joint a health club to use the equipments it offers, or check out your local recreational center, schools, and hotels that have a pool.

Swimming laps at a health club, school, or hotel can burn up 117.94 calories.

Step Two

Make a home gym using dumbbells, exercise ball, hula hoop, and jump rope.

These activities can easily burn around 73.71 calories each.

Step Three

Check out your local malls for the early hours walk. Walking around the mall can burns 103.19 calories.

Step Four

If you have a staircase in the house, running up and down stairs can burn up 221.13 calories.

Step Five

Love dancing? Slow dance in general can burn off 66.34 calories.

Step Six

Household chores such as sweeping floors, vacuuming carpet can easily burn up to 36.85 calories.

Washing dishes, and folding clothes can burn another 33.91 calories.

Step Seven

If you have a gym membership, playing casual racquetball can burn 103.19 calories.

Simple activities like these will keep your body healthy and active.


  • Keep your body active especially in the winter months
  • Walking in the mall is fun, because you get to window shop, and also get to exercise at the same time.
  • Make sure to talk over with your physician before doing these exercises. They are not suitable for everyone.

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