Practice Balance to Prevent Fracture

Easy exercises to keep balance and prevent fracture!

Sweden doctors found that older patients are prone to hip fracture due to impaired balance in their recent studies, and according to another research, improved balance is our best chance to prevent fractures.

We should start to practice balance now, and not wait until it is too late. Below is a very manageable and easy way to begin practicing balance.

Step One

One of the easiest ways to practice balance is to stand on one foot. Begin by holding onto the back of a chair with one hand, and count to 15. Next, switch to your other foot, and count to 15. Try to keep steady! Focus in centering your body!

Practice these steps until you think you can do it without the chair.

Step Two

When you are ready, remove the chair, and stand on one leg without any support. To challenge yourself, try closing your eyes while you do these exercises.

Step Three

Take advantage of your surroundings, you can practice balance while waiting in line at the supermarket, or store by using the shopping carts for support. Also, while pumping gas, you can lean on your car for support.

Study shows that by improving our balance, we can avoid other fractures also. It can cut down 37% of all hip fractures if we have steady feet. Just make sure to check with your family physician before begin any type of exercise


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