How to Improve Test Taking Skills

Are you a nervous person when it comes to take tests? If you are, you probably forget what you’ve been learning, and memorizing! It happens to me when I was in school, and no matter how prepared I am, when facing test time, my mind just goes blank.

To cope with this issue, here are some tactics that I’ve learned.

Learn the test lingo!

Look over your materials, and make a list of the most repeated words. Talk about these words with family or friends, and tell them their meanings. Sometimes, talking out loud can help you remember them better!

Scan through the questions!

Go through the questions quickly, and answer them quickly. If you scan through the questions first, and know the answers for them, you are saving time for the ones that you are not sure. Thus, you have more time to work on the ones that you stumble.

Narrow down possibilities!

When it comes to multiple choice tests, read the question first, scan through the choices, and then decide on the unlikely answers. This process will narrow down your possibilities, and give you fewer answers to choose from.

Set aside tough questions!

As with multiple choice exams, go through your whole test quickly, and answer those questions that you know first. Devote the time you have left working on tougher questions, or the ones you have trouble with.


  • Go over your materials the night before
  • Saying out loud to help with remembering
  • Have a friend or family member asking questions from your materials
  • Write down all important points
  • Focus on positive attitude
  • Relax and have confident in your ability to do well

About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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