How to Help Lower Your High Blood Pressure

My oldest boy, in his early twenty, was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and this worries me more than I allow it to show.

Since he works on a cruise ship, his schedule changes from day to day, and it is tremendously hard for him to establish a routine. The doctor had to put him on prescription drugs to keep his blood pressure under control.

Meanwhile, I call many different doctors to ask for advices since I want to know the natural way to manage this, rather than medications.

Here are four ways you can help lower high blood pressure.

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

In a recent study, two-thirds of doctors don’t advice their at risk patients about staying active! Exercise can help treat hypertension, and lessen the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Even with just a brisk walk can have a positive effect on your blood pressure! Study shows a 71% drop in blood pressure level if you keep active.

Eat a low-salt diet!

I have obtained a 20-page called “The Dash Diet” from a family doctor for my son. in this booklet, you will learn to spot the sodium in your food, how many servings you should have, and learn to read foods label.

Ask your doctor for this booklet to help your family eats healthier.


Listen to rhythmic music such as classical for just 30 minutes a day, while concentrate on breathing can also help.

Researchers believe that music helps to slow down and deepen your breathing. To wind down after a workout, listen to Mozart, Bach, or Beethoven for half an hour and meditate!

Control your stress!

External things in life can add great stress but if you recognize them, opt for another way to deal with them, then you can manage the stress.

You can also control stress by the foods that you choose to eat. Below is a link to “Beat Stress with These Foods”, but you must watch out for the sodium intake if you have high blood pressure.


  • Have small amount of dark chocolate to treat yourself. It proves to help with lower blood pressure, and heart disease.
  • Watch your salt intake
  • When eating out, request your server to put down in the order with less sodium.

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2 Responses to How to Help Lower Your High Blood Pressure

  1. mrsbearfoot says:

    Best of luck to your son. I hope he is willing and able to incorporate these actions into his schedule.


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