How to Just Say No

Are you a person that cannot say no to other people’s request? Do you feel like you are being put on the spot, and force to make a decision that instant?

I am always a victim of this cruel scenario. My children, and my friends know how to get to me this way until I find a solution to this problem.

Step One

If you are forced to make a decision on the spot, just smile and say: “I will get back to you later!”

At first, you will feel uncomfortable to say this, but believe me, this line has worked wonderfully for me.

Step Two

Find an excuse to say no!

Look in your pocket calendar, and shake your head: “I have a meeting at that time, on that day.” You can come up with many tasteful excuses to avoid saying yes.

Step Three

If you cannot come up with an excuse on the spot, your tone of voice can deliver the message. Have a firm voice and say no pleasantly.

Step Four

“I will think about it” or “Let me check my calendar” works like a charm.

Giving yourself time to decide on the task will ease the stress of saying yes on the spot.

Step Five

Before committing yourself to what was asked, make sure you are ready and available with your emotion, time, and energy. Run a few questions through to clear any doubts you might have.

Step Six

Learn to say no gracefully will take a little time to practice. Friendly body language, firm voice, and a pleasant smile usually get the job done.


About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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