Compassion Should Bypass Judgment

I’ve just read a poem on a very controversial issue of suicidal.  The poem describes the feelings, questions, and tormenting thoughts of the after effect.  It is a beautiful tribute, but the comments on it left me uneasy.

Many people jump in and call the dead person “coward, selfish, and so on..”  Well, this person is dead!  How did he/she get there?  Can we put ourselves in his/her shoes to try to understand what it must have been for him/her?  He/she must have gone through the most horrific feelings to end his/her own beating heart!

Maybe all the accusations are correct.  Maybe we should just try to understand and deal with our own devastations.  In this society, there are many illnesses, and suicidal is one of them.  It is a mental disease.  Some people are stronger to deal with life, while others can only take so much.

To me, when a person committed suicide, he/she must have come to a dead end with their own feelings, situation, and couldn’t handle it anymore.  It takes courage and guts to go through this deed, not coward!  It is his/her own life, not selfish!  Everybody says “Live Your Life”, not “Live Your Life for Others.”  However, when someone exercises his/her rights, they are to blame even after their death.

Yes, it hurts the people who are left behind to deal with this loss, but this is suicidal, not overdosed to be called self-indulgent!  I think, as a society, we have more sympathy for celebrities overdosed and mourn their deaths than a normal person who took his/her life when it is overwhelmed!

If you never have entertaining the thought of suicidal, count your blessings!  If you have faced this thought in your darkest moments, and come out on top, congratulation!  Let’s us not judge others’ weakness, or call them names, but have compassion and understanding.  Pray for them!

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A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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