Get Your Bowling Shoes On

Bowling Alley

Bowling Alley

I must have lived in the dinosaur time, as I don’t remember when bowling becoming such a big hit as it is these last many years. I used to see bowling alleys deserted or only open during the weekend. Nowadays, that is not the case.

Bowling alley is such a hot hang out around my neck of the woods. There are at least six different ones within 7 miles radius from my home, and they are very busy. They offer:

  • Different children leagues for different ages
  • Adult leagues
  • Birthday party packages
  • Special time for non-leagues bowlers
  • Fundraiser opportunity event

The good things about bowling are:

  • A friendly social competition
  • Developing personal playing style
  • Track individual improvement
  • A fun way to get together with friends and or family
  • Affordable recreation and entertaining activity

Interesting things to know about bowling:

  • Do you know that in 2010, 71 million people bowled at least once, and making it the number one participated sport in the US?
  • You burn around 240 calories per hour
  • Playing three games equals a mile of walking

Bowling is quickly becoming a phenomenon, and has been broadened all over the United States, especially in urban cities. You will find many bowling alleys are packed on Friday and Saturday nights. If you want to stay in budget and burn some calories, check out their special offers such as “Dollar Day Bowl, or Twilight Special.” It will only cost you one dollar to bowl three games!


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4 Responses to Get Your Bowling Shoes On

  1. mrsbearfoot says:

    My mother used to be on two different bowling leagues back in the 1970s. She was really very good at it. Can’t say the same for myself, but it is a fun sport!


  2. I used to love bowling and was in a league for a few years. It was great fun. I had no idea it was still popular…Now, where did I put my bowling shoes?????

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