How to Take Great Notes in School

As a student, you want to be able to take notes from your teacher quickly and accurately. The grade on your exam depends on what you’ve learned from this note. Below are some ideas to consider.

Step One

Before going to class, go over the assignment and read the chapter that will be covered for the day. Get familiar with the material so that you are aware of what the teacher is lecture. Then, mark your note with the date and subject, which will make it easier to organize for studying later.

Step Two

While in class, copy the charts, graphs, or diagrams that the teacher puts on the board. Make sure you write down all the formulas and definitions as they were given. Again, date your notes!

When you hear the teacher said: “This is an important point”, high light that part right away. Chances are that part will be on the exam!

Make sure when you are taking notes, leave some empty lines in between your note to accommodate questions or concerns you might have later.

Step Three

Later each night, go over your notes and try to understand the main points in the chapter. If you come across a part of your notes that are hard to understand, write down your questions to ask the teacher next time.

If your notes are legible, rewrite them since they are still fresh in your mind. A bonus benefit when rewriting is: it can actually help you to remember the material better.


  • Learn some abbreviation words or signs for note taking
  • Study with a friend in the same class
  • Compare notes with a class mate to find similarities and differences
  • Eat before you study so you are not distracted by hunger
  • Have everything set up for your convenient to study

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