How to Switch to Organic Foods



Generally, organic foods are guaranteed by the USDA to be without toxic pesticides, fertilizers, hormones injection, antibiotics, and modified organisms.
Step One

Week 1–Start out slowly to get your family used to the change first.

The first week begins with dairy products such as milk, cheese, and egg.

Step Two

Week 2–Introduce fruits and vegetables into your meals.

Personally, I feel safer to feed my family organic foods knowing that they are free of pesticides, and other harmful chemicals.

Step three

Week 3–Look for stores that sell organic proteins, such as chicken, nuts, fish, beef, and pork.

(Here is my secret: don’t tell your family if the word “organic” brings out the “ewww” word from them. Some are just having a hard time accepting change or try new things.)

Step Four

Week 4–Change your pasta, rice, and bread to whole wheat organic foods.

You can find most pasta, rice, and bread in many supermarkets. This will be the toughest challenge since your family is so accustomed to white bread. So be patience!

Step Five

Week 5–Switch your beverages. Again, we are all humans and we are creatures of habit, so go slowly in this area. It will take time to get used to.

It will make you feel great knowing that you are feeding your family the best, and keeping them healthy!



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