Incorporate Gratitude into Your Life

Gratitude is something we cultivate, and train ourselves to a certain way of thinking. That is the positive thinking!

If you find your life in a tangled mess, develop an attitude of gratitude. Concentrate on what you have rather than not have. Over times, you will feel much happier, and contented.

Items Needed

  • A journal
  • A rock
  • Stress ball
  • A string of beads

Step One

Keep a journal, and spend five minutes each day write down what you are grateful for.

It does not have to be big! It can be as small as “the flowers smell so good” today, to “see a friendly face at work.”

Getting in the habit of writing down what you are grateful for, help build up that positive thinking.

Step Two

When you are nervous or stressed out, squeeze ball comes in handy. As you crumble that ball, you let out your frustration, and you relief that tension. You can then tune in to find something in that situation to thank for.

Step Three

Find a smooth, special rock and make it your personal prayer rock. When you feel down, rub that rock and say a thank you or a prayer.

Think of it this way: if you can’t change it, accept it! Then find something else in your life that you are grateful for, such as your health, a roof over your head, a car to get around, a loving husband/partner, or the love your child shows you!

Step Four

Make a habit of collecting one special bead wherever you go. That bead will remind you of the good time you had. String your beads and keep them close to you.

Whenever you see these beads, you know that you are grateful for that memory.


  • People who have gratitude are happier
  • Gratitude is contagious, so spread them around to the people around you.

About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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