Cute White-Crowned Sparrow

cute white crown sparrowAs I have mentioned before, sparrows are among the popular birds in my neighborhood. One of my favorite sparrows is the White-Crowned Sparrow. They are quite shy and can sense human around even if you’re inside the house, shooting like me.

I spotted this pretty one yesterday in the grass, and after quite a chase I only had one photo. Since they came back to my area now, I had a chance to catch some more photos of this white-crowned sparrow.

You can easily tell that this is a white-crownedwhite crown sparrow sparrow by its head-wear of black and white stripes. There are so many different kinds of sparrows in my world right now, and the most noticeable ones are white-throated, white-crowned, black-chinned and American tree sparrows.

I am starting to learn to tell them apart by thewhite crown coupleir different markings, and have more appreciation for the devoted bird-watchers who also are photographers. It takes a great deal of patience and talent to capture a decent photo of all flying critters.
There is no natural park closer to home, so my birds are the so called “backyard birds”!


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