How to Tune in to Your Intuition

IntuitionWe all have intuition. Some pays more attention to their inner feelings than others. Intuition is what you get instantly when you are in a situation that doesn’t feel right. Something inside tells you that it was wrong straight away.

Step One

Pay attention to that voice in your head! It usually guides you to do the right thing.

It makes you feel edgy, or you feel something is happening to your loved ones. The feeling of uneasiness you have in the pit of your stomach when things go wrong are your intuition.

Step Two

Find solitude. Separate yourself from noisy environment and listen to your inner self.

If you are trying to find that inner voice, be alone in nice serene place can help. You just have to listen carefully.

Step Three

Have compassion. Put yourself in someone’s shoes and try to feel what they feel. You have to actually think it is you that going through that moment of sadness, happiness, anger, or anxiety.

If you can feel another person’s emotion, you will be sharper in listening to your own intuition.

Step Four

Welcome all questions. After you have answered many questions in a given situation, you are building a stronger intuition.

Problems are complex. Ask many questions. Answer those questions give you a clearer picture, and at times, you can see what the solution is.

Step Five

Keep positive thoughts! Block out that negative critics. When you are overwhelmed with bad thoughts or negative thoughts, you will have a black cloud hanging over your head.

Clear those negative vampires out of your mind, find a place for yourself to think, and ask questions. Your intuition will guide you to the desired outcome that you wish.


  • Listen to your intuition
  • Be open to the universe
  • Be ready to receive
  • Your attention
  • Find solitude
  • Allow your heart to feel
  • Welcome questions

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A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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