Belkin F5L055 Chilling Mat Review

After the Targus Cooling Fan broke down, I was back to Best Buy to purchase another LAPTOP COOLING FAN. The only reason I went back is because I had a gift card to that store, and I picked the Belkin F5L055 chilling mat. The price was the same as my last one!

belkin cooling mat

I love everything about this CHILLING MAT for my laptop! It elevated slightly, ran quietly, and had rubber strips to keep my laptop from sliding.

Moreover, the USB connector is packed neatly underneath. Thus, it was stable and safe from harm; which meant that I won’t accidentally damage the connector cord with my knees or movements.belkin chilling mat

The Belkin F5L055 is still in production, and price remains high in many stores. You can find the exact same model in eBay stores for much cheaper.

My LAPTOP CHILLING PAD is still in great condition and working perfectly. Only I have to give it to my daughter as she couldn’t do her homework on her overheated laptop. Since she lives at the college, we couldn’t share one; so I ordered the exact same cooling pad from eBay, and it was deliver to my door all for less than what I had to pay at the store.

If you need a LAPTOP COOLING PAD, the Belkin F5L055 is what I would recommend.

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