Playing With Idioms

What is idiom?  It is an expression!  It is a turn of phrase!  When you say “break a leg”, you wish someone luck before they get on stage, and you are not telling them to go break someone’s leg.  This is idiom!  Idiom is a phrase that means something different from what the individual words say.

In one minutes, how many idioms can you gather?  You can play this game with your family!  It is very fun watching every member going frantic.  You might even hear someone called you bonehead, but that doesn’t mean what you heard!

I was able to come up with: “kick him to the curve”, “put your foot down”, “raining dogs and cats”, and that was all.

However, if you get stuck coming up with idioms, here is a website you can go to and look it up: IdiomConnection ( You can turn these idioms into a Pictionary game where everyone can draw out what they said.

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