Organize Grocery Coupons to Save Money

Many of us try to save money by cutting down on electrical, and water usage. We learn all the tips and tricks on saving gas, or stretch out our mileage to make that tank goes further. Here is another area that you can try to save money: using grocery coupons.

Items Needed

  • Something to keep your coupons in
  • Some type of dividers
  • An index card box, optional
  • Coupons

Step One

First thing first, and that is to find something to store those coupons that you have saved and collected. It will save you time looking through that stack of coupons at the grocery store.

You can purchase an accordion coupon pocket, or an index file holder at the Dollar Store to keep your coupons organized. Also, you can use envelopes to sort out your coupons into categories.

I personally like to use the index cards holder since it is steady when I need to set it down to look through the categories for that coupon. It already comes with dividers, and all I have to do is to label them.

Step Two

If you have the index file holder, or the accordion file holder, it came with the dividers already.

Label your categories, such as cereals, breads, dairy products, or canned foods. You got the idea.

Step Three

Organize your coupons in your coupon holder, and take it with you when you go grocery shopping.

If you have a grocery list with you, it would be much easier to locate your coupons, unless you already have them on hands.

Step Four

Go to to see what offers in your local area.

If you have a Kroger in your area, go to to have the coupons loaded on to your Kroger’s card.

Also check out and, or just type in coupons in your search engine to find different sites.


  • Use coupons that have the closest expiration date first.
  • Check for grocery store that offer double coupon
  • Buy on sale items to save even more

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