No Screen Challenge

National Turnoff Week Challenge begins on April 20th to April 26th that means anything that has a screen must be off:  televisions, computer screens, and hand held electronics.

It will definitely be a challenge for me since I work on the computer every day!  Maybe, writers/bloggers can be exempt from this challenge at least for specific time.  I can live without televisions, but computer is considered my work!

What Can We Do During The Turnoff Time?

Think back to good old days when we had no televisions or electronic gadgets. How did we live without them? What did we do for fun? How did our families survive?

Have Plenty of Play Time

Have plenty of activities on hands, and take your children to the library to pick out their favorite books. Suggest your children to pick out joke books, poem books, or magic books to put on a show for the family to enjoy.

Have Outdoor Meals

If weather permits, pack a meal, go to the park, and have a picnic. Getting away from home will be easier to avoid turning on television or game systems. Backyard is also a good place to have some fun!

Have Story Time

In the evening, gather the family together, and have one member read a story from the book he/she picked, or make up a story to tell. You can also dedicate the whole week to just one favorite chapter book, and take turn to read it every evening.

This is a great challenge to try incorporating into our busy lives and help our children learn to get back to basics!

About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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