At The Welcome Center

Michigan Welcome Center

Michigan Welcome Center

Zinnia Lamb Ears

Orange BugDriving back to Michigan I asked my son if we could stop at the Michigan Welcome Center, since I remembered from the last trip how beautiful this rest stop was. I wasn’t disappointed to see that they had planted some flowers and the entire area was well taken care of.

The welcome center was packed with people, and many like me, took pictures of the surrounding. The pathway is lined with boulder rocks with well-maintained garden areas around the building. The lobby provides flyers, magazines and such readily available for the taking.

Like I have mentioned before, I avoid area that has people for many reasons, such as I don’t want them in my photos, and I don’t have permission to publish if they are in there. Thus, I concentrate on the outside and on the flowers.

Then my little boy called for me to take pictures of an orange bug that he spotted. The funny thing is: my children all ask me this question: “Don’t you want to take the pictures for your blogs?”

They don’t view my blogs or whatever I do online, but now find interesting things and tell me to take pictures. I guess it is their way of supporting me, and I am happy with that!

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