Save Money at the Movie Theater

We all know going to the movie theatre nowadays can put a hole in your pocket. The price of the ticket alone is around $9.00 for an adult, pop corn is $4.50 for a small box, and a small soft drink is another $4.50. Wait, you want a bottle of water? That will cost you $2.00.

Unless you are a millionaire and do not need to watch your money, here are some tips for you to stretch your hard earned money.

Step One

If you must go to see that new release movie, check out different theatres in your area.

Some theatres offer a lower price for the morning shows before noon, and it is worth to check it out. You can save at least $2.00 to $3.00 per tickets.

Step Two

Be patience and wait for the new release to come to second-run movie theatre. This can cut the cost of a ticket up to half price.

Step three

If you have an Entertainment book, check it out for coupons. Keep your eyes out for offer from your grocery store. You can find tickets discount on the back of your receipt, and sometimes from the booklet.

Step Four

Avoid buying tickets online. This will save you around $.75 to $1.00 on fee.

You work hard for your money, why not spend it smartly? With the prices of gas and foods going up, we have to find more ways to save.


  • Matinee is usually cheaper
  • Check out your local library for free summer movie program
  • Some theatres has free movie morning for children also
  • Eat your snacks at home

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