English Drama: Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife

I have a passion for English drama and I simply don’t know why or have the need to figure out why either. I just love to watch old English dramas. At times, I even cut off everything in my life such as doing chores, writing, blogging, and cooking so I can just immerse myself in period dramas.

Is that made me an ill-minded person? I don’t know nor care! I found an unexplainable passion for this sort of old period drama.

Call The Midwife is currently, along with Downton Abbey, my two must watch shows! I came across Call the Midwife when Downton Abbey season was over, and the first episode I saw; I was hooked!

This is a series about, well midwives, who share dwelling with the nuns, who are also midwives. Together, they share the duties taking care of pregnant women, delivering babies, along with other aspect of medical for a lower level community.

The nurses themselves are all from privilege homes and background. They learn to see life in a whole new way, accept the challenges of a nurse, and ride their bikes to homes to safely bringing babies into the world.

If you’ve not seen this series, I recommend you do! It will show how far we have gone in life, and in medical term.

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