Extra Storage Space

External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive

For years I live on a very limited space. I share this small confinement with so many other important living organisms that made my world goes around. Although tiny, my space and I were happily functioning together every day, and cooperate in perfect harmony.

Then the day comes when my fingers got a hold of a digital camera. After one outing I usually returned with hundreds of photos, good and bad; I kept them all. My tiny space on the laptop screamed. We can’t share anymore. In order to keep my photos, I needed to get rid of something on this 1GB storage space. So the blurry bad pictures went to the bin first, and then old articles (bad mistakes).

A trip to an electronic store was needed. After talking to a sales manager about getting a flash drive; he suggested an EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE instead, and gave me such a big discount that I couldn’t resist or whip out my money fast enough.

A brand new world opens up for me and my laptop. It has plenty of its own space to do whatever it needs too, and I have my amazing PORTABLE EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE to store my music, movies, documents, and yes, my thousands photos.

I live in a larger space now, and it feels wonderful with extra room to wiggle. Meet my new roommate, the sexy slim external hard drive!


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