Facing the Mirror



Besides putting on the make-up, do you really look at yourself and hear your own thoughts about yourself?  I know, I avoid looking at myself longer than the times it took to be presentable.

I wonder what those poster-perfect ladies think of themselves when they look in the mirror.  Are they proud of their accomplishments, their looks, and their lives?

So this morning, I force myself to look at the mirror, and listen to my inner thoughts about myself.  The first couple of minutes, I hear nothing but negativities about everything.  I walk away realizing the reason why I don’t like to look at myself in the mirror.

One of the things that I often say to myself is: “You’re exactly where you supposed to be”! I learned it from a self-help book a long time ago while went through a really dark time of my life.

My self-esteem and confident were at an all-time low after living 20 years with a man who put me down as often as his daily meals.

Thus, when I was finally on my own, I carried this shame and doubtful thoughts with me. I drown myself in self-help books, learned to change my way of thinking, and tried to find a solution to turn myself around.

After going outside for fresh air, I come back with a positive thought.  Just one thought!  I stare at my own reflection and confirm my thought:  I did my best and I am happy with whatever the result brings!


About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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