Earn Cash Back From Ebates


Near the end of last year, I joined Ebates.com after seeing commercials from people who earned back some of their money shopping online. Let me assure you, that you won’t get rich by getting some money back; rather it is more of an extra way to save money.

Realizing that I shop online sometimes, I signed up for a FREE account. I have nothing to lose and no fee for my investment. If I know what I want to buy, I went through my Ebates’ account first, looking at different stores; they have thousands of stores, and compared the return percentage rate that was offered from different merchants.

For example: Best Buy offers 1% cash back while Walmart offers 3% cash back, and you can search for the item you wanted from these stores.

My first order of vitamins and supplements from drugstore.com through my Ebates’ account earned me around 11 dollars, and as a new customer I also received a $50.00 restaurant gift card.

If you often shop online, including big name companies like eBay, Amazon, JCPenny, or Sears, you will find that you can earn some good cash back money from Ebates.com.


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