Embrace Quietness for Your Health

We live in a very noisy world, from the humming of traffic, television, cell phone, to radio.  This can lead us to tension and wary.  Health organizations and research centers suggested that these noises could increase the levels of stress or other related health issue.

You can incorporate more quietness into your life simply by changing your habits.  Embrace quietness will make you feel better, and also be healthier.  Below are some ideas to try out.

Start Your Day in Silence 

Give yourself at least 10 minutes upon waking to do some meditation, reading, or stretching. Avoid turning on the news, and radio.  It is known that our hormone levels are at their highest when we first awake.

Drive in Silence

Get in touch with our own thoughts, and be with our self.  Learn to recognize our feelings, and live in the moment.  Silence can rejuvenate us.

Eat in Silence

Eating in silence helps us to enjoy the food more and prevent us from overeating.  Eat without television or reading can help us tune into your body’s signals of satisfaction.  Above all, it allows us to metabolize food more efficiently.

If dinner time is when your family exchanging information of what were going on with your life, then by all mean, do not stop that important time to communicate.  You can set out another time for quietness.

About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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