Exploring On Land

White Peony

White Peony

Around my sister’s house, there are many flowers to feast the eyes as well, and their fragrance in the air sharpens the senses. While showing me what she has planted on her property, I couldn’t concentrate on photographing, but hanging on to her for my dear life as I was afraid of slipping down the hill.

Creamy Flower

Creamy Flower

She expressed her wishes to have a nice picture of the flower that she loves in the front yard to print out. So she held the branches down for me to snap! She meant well, but I couldn’t function naturally enough to bring the best look out of that flower.

I don’t know about anyone else, but when taking pictures, I work best if I was by myself. My perspective in seeing things is different from that of my companion. I wasn’t happy with my photos.

pink peony

Thus, when I had my alone time, I went exploring around the property and shot to my liking. I saw beautiful flowers, growing delicious red and green apples. Although my adventure is only contained a small area, I have learned that you can find beauty in everything.

After looking through my pictures on the computer and happy with them, I loaded them up for her. She will have all the original photos and the pixels will retain much better than sending through email. As far as I know, she is quite pleased with them!


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  1. Gorgeous photos, Icy:)

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