Laptop Cooling Fan

Laptop Cooling Fan

Laptop Cooling Fan

My laptop is more than seven years old, and is considered ancient in today world. I had no problem with it, except for contracting viruses from opening friends’ posts on Triond to view. Although I have given up writing there, I still viewed some of my friends’ posts.

I took my laptop to a shop for repair, and they restored everything back for me. I lost many photos, and articles in working process but it was a necessary step for them to remove the viruses and pop-ups.

Last year, I experienced a burning sensation on my laps, and it took a while for me to figure out that my laptop was overheated. So I searched for a solution, and found that I can use a laptop cooling fan to keep my computer from getting too hot.

Since I can’t afford to get a new laptop, I went looking for a LAPTOP COOLING FAN/chilling mat. Being inexperienced with this sort of thing, I paid more money at an electronic store than it was on eBay I found out later.

I am just the type of person that not only needs to see what I was buying, but I also have to touch and feel the product in my hands. My first LAPTOP COOLING PAD was the Targus PA248U3.


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