Leave a Lasting First Impression

First impression is very important in everything you do, from job interview, doctor appointment, school functions, to social gathering.

It is usually defined who we are by the first impression we leave on others.

Number One

No matter where you have to be, get there on time! Being punctual shows others that you respect their time as well as yours.

If you have to wait, chances are you will be irritated; this goes for other people too!

Number Two

Your appearance should be nice and neat! The first general look tells others more than you think. Check yourself from head to toes. Are your finger nails free of dirt? Are you presentable and suitable for the situation?

Number Three

Give a firm hand shake with a smile! If you show that you are pleased to meet them, the tension is less awkward. Friendliness goes both ways!

Number Four

Pay attention to names! Nothing is more embarrassed than not able to remember someone’s name after the introduction.

Number Five

Be open to small talk! Mention about the weather, sporting events, new movies, or traffic. Small talk breaks the ice in an uncomfortable situation.

Number Six

Show gratitude whether the outcome is favorable or not! It will leave a better impression on others, and also lift your mood.

Positive acts and thoughts help others wanting to be around more. This energy usually attracts at a deeper level than we can imagine.


  • Remember to smile
  • Be pleasant and humble
  • Be considerate

About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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