Let Goes Thrifting

Since the economy turns tougher these last few years, I have come to love going to Thrift Stores when needed something. Salvation Army and St. Vincent De Paul have helped me stretch my money to meet other needs.

Around my part of the world, other second hand shops also popped up in recent years. They are now in competition with one another, and run similar specials such as:

*Colored tag sales at 50% off
*Lady night clothing sales
*Senior Day with extra 10% off
*In store special

When I first began shopping at Thrift Stores, the price was much lower than they are now. However, regular customers experience a spike of higher price now with so many people shopping there even though it is still more affordable than department stores.

What I like to shop for are little household appliances, dishes, coffee cups, Christmas decorations, and unique gifts. I have found many things for a fraction of the cost and they were still in great shapes.

If you are looking for another way to pinch money, Thrift Stores are a great place to start. My only tip is to wait for the tag sale if you can unless the price is right for your pocket.

About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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