Library Still Is the Greatest Place For Resources

I love going to the library, and I go there at least once a week. My fascination is with the collection of books, magazines, and newspapers. I could spend hours at the library browsing through many different sections of it.

Addition to books, magazines and newspapers, the library now has two rows of computers, audio books, music CDs, and movies for patrons’ conveniences. Remarkably how technology has an impact on this old institution! Things have to change to accommodate society’s needs.

Do you know that the library also has many wonderful programs, free of charge? Here are some to check out:

  • Laps Story Time
  • Toddler Story Time Pre-School Story time
  • Free Movie Night for Family
  • Bookmark Coloring Contest Teen Night
  • Summer Reading Program
  • Special Programs, such as Science Live Night, Craft Night, Baby Animals Night, etc..
  • Book club for adults

These days, you can put the library to good use to save money on entertainment, renting movies, or use the computer to search for job.  Not only most programs are educational, they are also fun for your children.

I enrolled my son in summer reading, craft time, and signed up for Science Night!  He loves it!  Last year, he came in second with his bookmark coloring contest and won a $25 gift card!


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