Luna Pier-Michigan

Luna PierWhile driving to Ohio, we noticed on the other side of the highway a gigantic sign advertising the best beef jerky in Michigan, and wanted to stop on our way home. Giving the fact that it was Sunday so after having brunch with the family, we headed back to make sure we would have enough time to make it to the store.

Not realizing that there were two different home-made beef jerky places, we stopped at the first one we saw, and discovered a little town called Luna Pier. As you can tell, the town is situated right on the Pier and the store is right on the street leading straight to the Pier.

luna pier 2Obviously my son suggested going to the Pier for photos opt, and I couldn’t resist either! We saw a beautiful beach area, but the wind was so strong that instead of going forward, I went backward until my sons came to catch me.

We tried to walk on the pier to get closer but the strong wave splashed right over the railing. I had no desire to get my camera or myself wet as it was very cold there. We even saw a surfer trying so hard to ride the wave, but the wind knocked him off and he gave up after a few tries.

luna pier 3The weather in Michigan is very unpredictable, and different areas have different moods and temperature. Luna Pier obvious was in some sort of bad weather since everywhere else seems to be just fine.


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