Help Your Children with Brain Development

Brain is most complex and vital organ for our beings. We’re born with more than 100 billion brain cells-neutrons-and the connections between neutrons are our synapses. The more these synapses are used, the better, and stronger they become.

Here are some things you can do to help strengthen your children brain development.

Step One

Keep your children feel secure, since traumatic experiences can release chemicals that block part of the brain, and make it hard to learn.

Step two

Create experiences that your children will enjoy. They learn from everything they do, from playing outside, reading, sidewalk drawing, to quiet time.

Step Three

Help them explore the world around them. Take them to see the firehouse, library, museum, or science center in your local area. Every time your children learn something new, their brain begins to form new synapses.

Step Four

Keep them physically active. Physical activities include running, crawling, climbing, dancing, and stretching. These activities are critical in building connections in the brain.
Step Five

Repeat all the experiences listed above. When your children hear the same stories, or doing repeated activities again and again, they are strengthening their pathways in their brain.


  • Brain development is activity-dependent
  • The circuit that turns on will be strengthen
  • When pathways and connections are not used, they don’t grow strong enough to survive.

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