Have You Tried These Web Browsers?

browsersAs a blogger, I am always looking for things that work better and faster! Three years ago, I started to download Opera and Safari web browsers when FireFox and Chrome had hiccups, or maybe I should say when Blogger decided to give us grief!

I love using Opera most as it has an automatic setting for turbo boost, which means it can be very fast! The only setback for me is that Blogger doesn’t approve of this browser! However, I still use it to blog, and it seems to be just fine.

You can download Opera for window from this link: http://www.opera.com/computer/windows Safari web browser is owed by Apples Company, but there is a version for window! When I introduce Safari to my family members, it was an immediate hit and like. Some has even used Safari exclusively and avoid the headache of Firefox.

You can download Safari for window from this link: http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1531 If you are faithful and loyal users if Firefox or Chrome, keep these fast browsers in mind; and when you want to try out something new, Opera and Safari are the web browsers to advance. You will be amazed with their speedy loading time!

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