Healthy Choice Top Chef Entrée Review

healthy choices

We don’t eat lot of frozen food in our house, but on occasions I bought frozen entrees for use in emergency situation, such as when we have school meeting, church meeting, or other obligations.

I picked up five Healthy Choice Top Chef entrees about a week ago, and finally ate one. Lo and behold, I’m not the best cook at all, but these frozen food trays duped with Top Chef title tastes just awful and such a disgrace!

healthy choices entreSo far, I am the only one in the house that tried to eat these five different entrees as I, myself, bought them and hoping desperately that each one would be better than the last!! They are all bad, unfortunately.

The food is plain, favor is missing, 2-3 slices of frozen nasty chicken pieces, a tablespoon full of vegetables, and horrible bitter sauce. Believe me, I have added tobacco, salt and black pepper to make it more edible but it didn’t work. I could only swallow half of the few ounces in the box.

These entrees maybe healthy because they are steamed, but if they don’t have any taste to them; they are worthless!

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