Flowers At the Mall of Partridge Creek

pink flowers potThe Mall of Partridge Creek is located in Clinton Township, and is home to many stores in an open air type environment. As I mentioned in my earlier post, it is also a dog friendly mall, where dogs get to go inside the store with their owners.

purple flowers potSince I rather be outside while my children shopped, I get to see different types of flowers in a pleasant spring weather. The tree you see at the top is full of flowers and can be seen throughout the area, and sat in the middle to separate the pathway.

Around each tree, there is a large patch of dirt for planting other flowers.

Scattering here and there are beautiful flower pots with a consistence theme. There is always a group of three pots next to each other,  and contain  light purple and deep purple flowers, pink and orange flowers, and yellow and lavender flowers.

yellow flowers potThey are pretty and refreshing to see as you walk down the path, which separates into four different directions.

While waiting for my children, I overhead the conversation of two ladies and that since they live very close to this mall, they met each other here every day for their walk throughout the year.

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