How to Be More Likable

I have met many people that I like instantly. Whether it is their bubbling personality, or their laughter, or just their smile, I like them automatically!

Do you ever wonder why we like them right away? It is their charisma, and their inner beauties that we are attracted to.

Step One

Be opened with your gestures. Folding your arms is a sign of unwelcome to others.

Step Two

“Smile, and the world smiles with you!” This is very true. People are often attracted to happier people. No-one wants to socialize with a grumpy person.

Step Three

Leave the gossip behind. Interesting conversation gathers a larger crowd than the “such and such did this, do that…”

Step Four

Listen attentively! If you pay attention to other while he/she talks, it shows that you care about what they say.

Step Five

Show your appreciation. Gratitude goes a long way! Remember to thank them for even the smallest thing they do, such as offering you a drink.

Step Six

Be considerate! Anticipating on other people’s needs, and offer help! This means to help them carrying a chair, or take a bag of grocery from their hand, or just open the door.


  • Smile
  • Show your happy side
  • Be kind
  • Offer help
  • Be grateful
  • No gossip
  • Avoid putting other people down
  • Control your anger or temper
  • Leave bad language out

About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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