How to Care for Your Aging Pets

Pets such as dogs and cats are commonly man’s best friends. We all have pets, at one time or another and we are responsible for them just as we are responsible for our children. Our pets’ health is one of the most important things to us, and when they get older, it is even more of a priority than before.

Step One

Bad breath is the easiest sign to tell. Pay attention to bloody gum after your pet chews on something.

Brush his/her teeth regularly to help with the foul smell.

Step Two

Cataracts or glaucoma problem arise when you see your pet running into things, or not responsive to stimuli, and have cloudy eyes.

Do not move your furniture around in your house for a while, and keep his/her feeding bowls at the same place.

Step three

If you see your pet having difficulty getting up, or having a stiff walk, it is the sign of degenerated arthritis.

Help your pet by restricting his exercises, and only do slow walk. Also, talk to your vet about vitamin supplements.

Step Four

Signs of frequent accidents, loss of appetite, and decrease in weight are pointing to illnesses.

For frequent accidents, take your dog out more often, and keep litter box where your cat can get to quickly.

Talk to your vet for dietary recommendation.

Step Five

The warning signs for hyperthyroidism are loss of appetite, and decrease in weight. Some might gain weight since they can’t absorb the nutrients.

To help your pet, give him/her two meals a day, and talk to your vet for a proper diet plan.


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