Growing With Gaillardia

Every summer, I plant flowers at my dad’s grave! It’s one of our traditions and being the only girl who lives close by; I took on the job for the last 12 years. Now that my mom came back, I took her with me.

Blanket Flower

We spent a good amount of time at the cemetery yesterday, weeding out and prepared the soil for the flowers. When it was all done, I left my mom for her private moment and prayer to wander around. There are so many beautiful fresh bloomed flowers.

blanket flowerMy favorite flower has to be the Blanket flowers, which is the extraordinary colorful Gaillardia! My reasons for liking the blank flowers are their vibrant colors, long-lasting, and enduring in cold and hot temperature of Michigan. These flowers stay beautifully bloomed under the open sky of cold December and hot July.

blanket flower 1I am the odd one for stalking the cemetery flowers, but there is a peaceful feeling for me to be there and there is also a realization that life on this earth will be returned to earth one day.


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