How To Celebrate the Printed Words

Technology is the greatest thing in our lives for now, and in the future. However, we do not have to live every day in such a rush, or being constantly involved with gadgets. As we are further and further away from reading actual books or magazine, so are our children. Below are ideas to bring love back to the printed words.

Schedule a Family Outing

Choose a day and time that convenient for your family. Schedule that specific event as a family outing. If you have small children, explain to them where you are going, what will happen, the length of time, and what to do when you get there. Then on that day, gather your family together and head to the library.

Specify a Theme

If you want to make it more interesting, have a theme for the week such as reading a magazine of their choice. When you are at the library, everyone goes to the magazine display, and pick out a magazine he/she likes and reads or explores for the time you’ve set.

Choose a Topic/Event

Choose a topic as a theme for your next visit, and encourage your family to do a research. In this category, you have two options: use periodicals/newspapers, or magazines for your research. The main point is to encourage your family to read the printed words, and stay away from computers. Once materials are gathered, you can make a poster for all your finding.

Pick Out a Project

Pick out a project to do with your family. There are many craft related magazines you can check out at your library. Working on a mutual project can bring your family closer, and it helps to know more about each member of the family, as well as understand their preferences.


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