How to Create an Incredible Self

We all want to have an incredible image of ourselves: a big beautiful home, a fancy loaded new car, a yatch for summer cruises on the water, or own a vacation home in the Carribbean. However, these projections of ourselves are material based. What about a more lasting image: an inner peace of ourselves that out shine everything else?

Step One

Determine who you are, and be true to yourself. Take some time to prioritize what things are important to you, and what you hold closest to your heart.

Step Two

Have a vision of your future. Where do you want to be, or what do you want to be in three years? Having this short time goal will help you decide how you will attain that dream.

Step Three

Always take responsibility for your own action. Sometimes bad things happen, but it is up to you to take a different path, or to look at it in a positive ways that help turns that bad experience into good.

You will have to steer your own boat!

Step Four

Be generous! Even if you are flat broke, give what you have in your pocket, that last $.50 cents, to those charitable people that sit in front of the store.

Only when you give, you will receive! It will come back ten folds!

Step Five

Do the right things. Lend a helping hand to those that need your help. If you borrow money, pay it back. If you promise, make it so.

If you are already achieved all these things in your life, you are creating an incredible self that out shine everyone else.


  • Your determination
  • Willing to change
  • A vision of your future
  • Responsibility for your own action
  • Be generous
  • Stay away from people that are negative
  • If you can change a difficult problem, accept it and work on a solution
  • Take one small step at a time to change

About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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