How to Help Your Kids Design a Homepage

Children as young as four know how to work the computer. It is amazing to see these children knowing their way around a certain website, without too much headache.

Tapping into this talent, why not help them to design a family website, where they can maintain, add to it, upload pictures, and share them with the rest of the family?

Step One

Do some quick research to find sites that offer free web hosting, and to be on the safe side, finds sites that viewers have to be invited to access the web page.

These three sites below are my favorite:

Check these websites out to see which one you like to start building your page.

Step Two

Now, have your youngster sits by your site, and follow the instruction to build your homepage.

Your child will have so much fun picking out the color for background, adding songs, glittery fonts, and checking out for messages.

Step Three

Have your child upload family pictures, write captions, add a calendar, add birthdays, vacations, or sport events.

You can encourage your child to write a monthly newsletter to share with the family.

Step Four

Then have your child email friends and relatives to invite them to visit your site.

Have them sign the guest book, or leave a comment.


  • Have fun creating a family website together
  • This is a good way for your child to write, work the keyboard, or learning to select appropriate songs for everybody

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