How to Feel Like a Millionaire Without Being Rich

Feeling rich with millions dollars in the bank are for Donald Trump, Oprah, Martha, Rachel, and those superstars.

For us, we can feel rich or feel like a millionaire by our own inner peace. We can just volunteer our time to help someone, an organization, or church, and that would be enough to feel rich inside.

Step One

The best place to volunteer is with Habitat for Humanity. Give a few hour of your time to help erect a house for a family in need, and you will feel like a millionaire when you see them in tears of happiness.

Step Two

If you are animal lovers, consider lending the animal shelters your helping hands.

You will be loved to dead by these animals that you care for.

Step Three

Do you love children? Do you want to be a good role model for these kids? Try Big Brother and Big Sister! A couple of hours a week and you will see those eyes looking at you as a superstar.

Step Four

How about homeless people? Do you think about them when it is so cold/hot outside, or when you see someone sleeping under the bypass?

Check out your local church, or community center, and give your time in preparing foods for them. You can also donate used clothing or household items to the center. Wouldn’t this make you feel great inside?

Step Five

There are so many wonderful organizations around. You just need to have a commitment to do your part in making the world better.

Check out the Google search for more opportunities.

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A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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