Have Fun Outdoor and Keep Healthy During Winter

Winter months can be dreadful and long for most of us if we are not active. People who enjoy winter activities finding the weather is more tolerable, and are also keeping themselves healthy. We do not have to do extreme sport to keep our body toned, but we have to keep active.

Step One

To keep the cold at bay, make sure to dress in layers, and remember to wear hat, mitten, and scarf.

For an hour, you can go sledding, and burn up to 485 calories.

Step Two

Take the children outside, and make a snowman to burn up to 277 calories in just an hour.

Step Three

Is there a park in your city? Walking through the park can burn up 526 calories in just an hour.

Step Four

Do you have a pair of old snow shoes or ski laying around? For only 15 minutes, this activity will burn 117.94 calories.

Step Five

Here are three 15-minute activities you can do:

-Ice skating in general burns 103.19 calories.
-Sledding or tobogganing burns 103.19 calories.
-Skiing in general with light effort burns 103.19 calories.

Step Six

How about these activities below?

-Snowmobiling burns 51.60 calories.
-Moving ice shanty, drill holes, or setting up shanty burns 88.45 calories.
-Ice fishing for 15 minutes burns 29.48 calories

Do whatever you can to keep your body active during the winter months. Daily fresh air and sunshine will keep your mood in tune also.


  • Keep yourself motivated during the winter months.
  • Go outside to enjoy the sun and fresh air.
  • Elevate your moods and raise your energy levels by regular daily exercise.

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